[rosacea] Linda Sy's new Zinc Oxide cream (ZincO) (Sunscreens)

Linda Sy Tinted Zinco
Linda kindly asked me to be a tester for her new protective cream. Here are some of my comments... For the last two / three years I had been unable to find a sunblock / sunscreen to use. Pretty much anything I used would make my face more irritable either that day or the next day, and it was easier on my face to not wear anything and avoid the sun. My face would burn & become irritated by just 5 / 10 / 20 minutes in the sun - even weak / evening sun. Areas of permanent redness (my cheeks) would become irritated most, but my nose also had a tendency to redness after even minimal sun exposure. So, for about two or three years I totally avoided the sun, walking on shady sides of the road, alongside walls, houses, etc. I became an expert at looking at the road ahead and avoiding the sun. Anyone watching me must have thought I was mad. But - my skin felt paper thin. And the sun felt painful. Wind, rain and the cold would also bring on painful flushing by the end of the day. If I went out into windy weather in the morning, even for 10 minutes or so, my face was guaranteed to be sore and painful by the end of the day. I read Dr. Nase's recommendation for City Block this Summer, and have used it since then with good results. I started with City Block SPF15 and moved onto SPF25 about 2 months back. These are my comments about City Block: 1. It tones down the redness slightly (very slightly). 2. It does a pretty good job of protecting my skin from the Sun - I can now go out into the sun without worrying about a stray sunbeam touching my face. 3. It sometimes seems slightly irritating. Not immediately, and not prominent. But, if my face is already irritated or flushed then it doesn't seem to agree with my skin. It doesn't feel good. This is hard to explain. 4. It can be quite difficult to rub in, sometimes leaving a chalky appearance to the skin, and obviously I don't want to rub hard. I apply it above Linda's oil and a moisturiser (Aderma anti-reactive, I love it). Sometimes, because of this chalky look it sometimes looks like I'm wearing a poor quality foundation. Bad news for a guy! 5. It sometimes feels slightly drying. So, onto Linda's cream. My first impression was: Wow, that is going to be way too dark for my deathly white (+dark red) skin. However, it applies to the skin really well. Goes on much easier than City block, and far easier to blend in to a satisfactory level. I NEVER get that chalky look. It feels good on my skin. I have noticed no irritation - certainly feels nicer on my skin than City Block. It is definitely more moisturising than City Block Tint-wise, I think it maybe is a tiny, tiny bit too dark for my skin. However, this seems to make it cover (damp-down is perhaps a better word) the redness more. It certainly goes into my skin well - almost melts in. And the tint, when on, is much lighter than it looks in the bottle. During a bad flushing flare however, neither City Block nor Linda's cream can do much to camouflage the redness. I believe that Linda is still working on this however, which is great news. Even on my post-PhotoDerm skin, Linda's cream felt good, and I was glad to be able to put something on to protect it from the sun (SPF 15+ is recommended for skin recovering from PhotoDerm I believe). Thanks again to Drs Linda Sy and Geoffrey Nase for collaborating in the development of this product, I hope it is the first of many! Note: I believe that Linda is trying to get the final 'version' of the cream out by late this year, early January. Until then, I can still recommend City Block by Clinique.